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Learn what to expect as a DLF Volunteer in the Dental Clinics, working with the local schools, travel & transportation, accommodations, meals, and electricity and voltage.

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the dental clinics

​The Tanzania mission trip is a “collaborative” project. This means that we are blessed to partner with the Missionaries of Precious Blood Society in Tanzania. The Missionaries of the Precious Blood Society run the St. Gaspar Hospital in Itigi, Tanzania. In 2022 members of DLF and the Missionaries of the Precious Blood helped establish 2 dental clinics. One at the Hospital in Itigi, and a second clinic in the village of Malongwe at the Malongwe dispensary. These 2 clinics were named and dedicated in memory of Logan Doseck.


We may also set up some additional temporary Dental Clinic’s in neighboring villages where the Church has resources. Volunteers will assist in setting up the temporary clinics at the start of the trip and help take them down at the end of the trip.

Features of the Logan Doseck Dental Clinics

  • The clinic at the hospital in Itigi has 3 dental chairs and room for 2 mobile units.

  • The clinic at the Malongwe Dispensary has 1 chair and room for 2 mobile units, with some medical beds for extractions.

  • Very basic suction will be available. It is important to understand that these suction devices are not as strong or as reliable as modern western dental vacuums and compressors.

  • Water irrigation will be available only by manual, handheld plastic syringes.

  • There will be at least 3 portable dental units to allow for handpiece usage when needed.

  • Both clinics have sterilization equipment.

  • X-ray equipment may or may not be available.

Dental treatment provided will consist mainly of extraction, restorative, and pain relief procedures. All necessary extraction and surgical equipment will be available.

The Dental Clinics

work with local schools

If you choose, you may participate in excursions to local schools as part of your mission trip experience. You will teach and demonstrate proper oral hygiene and other personal cleanliness practices. These may include toothbrushing, flossing, handwashing, proper diet, etc. A rewarding and exciting part of these school visits will be to present school children with their own hygiene products, i.e. toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, hand sanitizer, etc. One of the major goals at DLF is to prevent oral disease through proper homecare practices.

Rules THAT MUST be adhered to when visiting schools

  • Stay with the group and do not wander around alone in the schools or on school grounds.

  • NEVER be alone with a child at any time, always have a school official or fellow team member with you.

  • Show respect to the teachers and wait for their introduction and instructions when in the classroom.

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Work With Local Schools
Dental Legacy Foundation

travel & transportation

All volunteers will need to purchase and arrange their flights to and from Tanzania. Please book your airfare as soon as possible. You need to arrive in Dar Es Salaam June 11th between 9pm-11:30 pm. Your return flight needs to be June 24th anytime after 9pm from Dar Es Salaam.

Once we arrive in Tanzania, all transportation will be handled by the Missionaries of the Society of the Precious Blood and Dental Legacy Foundation.


Travel to and from the Safari will also be arranged and included with the costs for the program.

Travel & Transportation


For the Tanzania 2023 trip, accommodations will be provided by the Missionaries of The Precious Blood Society. Most of your stay will be in housing onsite at the Hospital in Itigi. The property is a safe, gated facility. Each room can house up to two team members. Each room comes with either a queen bed or two twin beds and its own bathroom with shower and hot water. WIFI is available throughout the property. Although our accommodations will be safe, it is NOT recommended for westerners to leave the facility without a local Tanzanian guide, especially at night. You can view more about the Hospital by visiting their website:


*Dental Legacy Foundation is no way affiliated with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood Society but has partnered with the local congregation to carry out this humanitarian project.

Dental Legacy Foundation
Protein Bars


St. Gaspar will provide three meals per day, safe water and coke. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be prepared and available at volunteer sites. We strongly suggest that you bring an ample number of snacks from Home (Protein/granola bars, trail-mix, jerky, dried fruit, candy, etc.) Although dietary needs can be shared, accommodations cannot always be guaranteed for preferences, allergies, and other needs. The options for purchasing or shopping for food or snacks are extremely limited.


Electricity & voltage

The power outlets in Tanzania are known as a British 3-pin rectangular blade plug (WA-7). The standard electrical outlet in Tanzania is 220-240 volts. The standard electrical outlet in the US is 110-120 volts. Before plugging anything in a Tanzanian outlet, be sure that whatever it is you are plugging in can handle up to 220-240 volts. If not, you will need a converter/transformer to step down the voltage. We recommend you bring a voltage/power adapter with you for your personal devices.

Dental Legacy Foundation
Electricity & Voltage
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