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Learn about bag requirements and what you should pack for your trip!

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Bag Requirements

Most airlines will allow you to check up to two or three 50lb bags for no extra charge, in addition to your carry-on luggage. DLF requires all volunteers to use only one personal 50lb bag. The other luggage(s) will be used to transport supplies for the mission trip. We have many supplies that have already been donated for use in Tanzania, and we just need your help to get them there. We will work with you to coordinate getting these supplies to you before you depart.

Bag Requirements

Packing list


  • Basic Medical/Care Kit: acetaminophen/ibuprofen, antihistamine for relief from allergies and bites, diarrhea medicine, band aids, sunscreen, lip balm and insect repellent, malaria pills, tums

  • Toiletries and personal medications

    • Body/Face wipes

    • Septic friendly toilet wipes

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Deodorant

    • Toothbrush

    • Medicine

  • Your cellphone and charger

  • Voltage adapter

  • Sandals (thick-soled such as Keens, Chaco’s or similar)

  • Trainers / court shoes for working in the bush, for playing basketball or soccer, or for comfort and variety. Flip Flops for indoor use

  • Clothing

  • Scrubs: You will be working in the clinic for 7 days

  • Additional clothing. Bring enough clothing for evenings, travel days and the optional safari. It is always a good idea to bring extra underwear and socks- don’t forget pajamas!

  • Towel Set

  • Music, e-books and other entertainment for long travel and downtime

  • Photographs of your family and friends to share with the children and patients.

  • Photocopies or digital copies on your phone of important travel documents such as passport, immunization records, travel insurance, eVisa, plane tickets

  • Hat and sunglasses

  • Camera (most volunteers use their smartphone camera)

  • A copy of this volunteer handbook

  • Journal and pens

  • Earplugs (between the roosters, the kids, and the kitchen staff, noises in the volunteer house start early)

  • Dirty laundry bag (a clean plastic garbage bag will suffice) There are always opportunities for outside work. Packing a pair of work gloves is a good idea.

  • Swimsuit

  • Travel neck pillow. It can be a long flight to Tanzania. Some volunteers recommend compression socks. It can get cold on the plane and in the airports. A sweatshirt or warm long-sleeved shirt might be nice.

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Sleeping bag liner (optional)

  • Dress clothes for Sunday if you plan on attending church.



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Packing List
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