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Dental Legacy Foundation


Learn about the required documents, insurance, and vaccines that you will need to volunteer for Dental Legacy Foundation.

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Dental Legacy Foundation

Required Documents

Valid Passport

You should apply for passport no later than 6 months before our departure date, and if possible, have it expedited. If you already have one, check the expiration date; your passport must be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Tanzania.

Temporary Dental License (Dentists only)

All dental professionals who will be volunteering in a dental capacity in Tanzania need to obtain a temporary dental license from the Medical Council of Tanzania. Please see the requirements listed below. The registration fees mentioned in the guidebook are paid by DLF and are included in your program costs. Gather the required documents and send everything to DLF. DLF will then submit your application and secure your temporary license for you. All required documents should be sent to:




Processing times in Tanzania can be very slow and we need to allow plenty of time for processing the temporary licenses.

Documents needed for your temporary dental license:

*Note all documents must be in pdf and the size of each document must be less than 500k

  • Copy of Degree (MD, DDS, DMD, MDS.)

  • Attach a current passport size picture. Do not wear light clothing for this photo.

  • Make a color copy of your passport. This photocopy should not be clear and not blurry and the information on the photo page should clear and easy to read.

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Copy of Current Dental license.

  • Copy of Dental School Diploma.

  • Copy of any residency or post-graduate programs completed.

  • Current Curriculum Vitae.

Tanzanian eVisa (All volunteers) All individuals are required to obtain a Tanzanian eVisa to enter Tanzania. This process is very quick and simple. The eVisa is only valid for 12 months from issue. Please NOTE: you will be asked for the following documents during application: 1) a square, passport style digital photo of yourself, 2) a photo of the info page of your passport, and 3) Proof of your accommodations or hotel reservation. These photos must be free of glare and shadow, please follow the instructions on the application so that you can avoid a delay during processing.

Information needed when filling out eVisa Application.

  • Select Multiple Entry visa and when asked for purpose of visit select "leisure/holiday".

  • Address of where we're staying

    • Society of the Precious Blood

             Province of Tanzania

             Kisasa Headquarters

PO Box 932 Dodoma, Tanzania

  • Phone number

    • +255 788 860 217

  • Name of contact and email

    • Fr Vedasto J Ngowi, C.P.P.S Provincial Director for the Province of Tanzania. Email Address

Required Documents


All DLF volunteers are required to purchase and have Traveler’s insurance. If you get sick or have an emergency at home, the cost of medical care and re-patriation can be extremely costly. For this purpose, and to make for a “worry-free” experience, you are required to have the following coverage with your travel insurance:

  • Medical Coverage

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

  • Re-patriation



Dental Legacy Foundation


Although not required by the Country of Tanzania, your travel insurance will most likely require vaccinations. In addition to routine childhood vaccinations, the CDC recommends you obtain the following vaccinations:

  • Covid-19

  • Yellow Fever (Good for lifetime) *

  • Typhoid (good for 2 years) *

  • Obtain RX for malaria (Most of these medications need to be started before your trip, so consult with your doctor early and follow the administration recommendations before and after your trip)

Malaria is very common in Africa. Humans get malaria from the bite of a malaria-infected mosquito. Symptoms of malaria include fever and other flu-like symptoms including shaking chills, headache, muscle aches, and tiredness. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may also occur. If not promptly treated, malaria has the potential to cause kidney failure, seizures, mental confusion, coma, and death. Malaria can be cured with prescription drugs. The type of drugs and length of treatment depend on which kind of malaria is diagnosed, where the patient was infected, the age of the patient, and how severely ill the patient was at the start of treatment.


We strongly recommend you review other CDC guidelines and recommendations for vaccinations when traveling to Tanzania, these can be found at:


*NOTE: Vaccination and testing requirements/recommendations by the Republic of Tanzania are accurate at time of printing of this manual, Government requirements and guidelines could change at any moment.

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