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Learn about the Dental Legacy Foundation's mission and objectives, who can volunteer, and the code of conduct here. 

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Dental Mission
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The purpose of the Dental Legacy Foundation is to provide access to free dental care and oral hygiene instruction in communities where there is currently little to no access.

Accordingly, you will be volunteering at multiple dental clinics where you will provide pain relief from both acute and chronic dental conditions. Treatment will mainly consist of extractions and providing RX’s for pain relief and infection. As a reminder, DLF is a grassroots organization. Part of your responsibilities could include clinic site set-up and equipment management.

Who Can Volunteer

Work with local schools

If you choose, you may participate in excursions to local schools as part of your mission trip experience. The objective here is to teach and demonstrate proper oral hygiene and other personal cleanliness practices. These may include toothbrushing, handwashing, proper diet, etc. A rewarding and exciting part of these school visits will be to present school children with their own hygiene products, i.e., toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, etc. One of the major goals at DLF is to prevent oral disease through proper home care practices

Dental Legacy Foundation
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Who can volunteer

Dentists and Doctors: Must have a valid Dental or Medical license in any of the 50 United States and current malpractice coverage.


Dental Assistants and Support Staff: 18 years of age or older (If younger than 18, must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian, who meets all these criteria)

Working With Local Schools


As a volunteer, you must agree to always abide by the code of conduct in all places throughout the entire period of your volunteer experience.


  • No alcohol during clinical hours

  • No illegal drugs

  • No tobacco or marijuana

  • No profanity or vulgar language

  • No pornography

  • No prescription drugs without a prescription


If you violate any of these details of the volunteer code of conduct, you will be removed from the volunteer program and asked to immediately leave the volunteer sites, and you will bear the financial burden associated with such removal, including, but not limited to, hotel costs, transportation costs, and itinerary change fees.


Furthermore, DLF volunteers are to remember that we are guests in a foreign country. As such we are to represent ourselves and DLF with kindness, respect, and responsibility at any time in the dental clinics or in the schools.

Code of Conduct
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