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We are proudly partnering with a vocational school in Tanzania that is offering English language education to unlock new opportunities for local children. By learning English, these students gain access to better-paying jobs and a wider range of opportunities.


In addition to education, they provide after-school activities and sports, keeping students engaged and off the streets during the day and helping them discover new talents and passions.


To ensure no child's education is hindered by hunger, the school feeds the students. The vocation school needs help covering the costs of feeding the students. It ends up costing about $1 a day per student or $30 a month. Your sponsorship not only provides the energy they need but it nourishes dreams and helps pave the way for a brighter future. Join us in nurturing young minds, building dreams, and leaving a legacy of opportunity. 


By setting up a $30 monthly donation, you provide ongoing support. You can rest assured that your monthly donation will be automatically processed until you decide to cancel, enabling a seamless and sustained impact.

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