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DLF Logan


The motivation for the Dental Legacy Foundation begins with an inspiring young man named Logan Doseck.

Learn about how his life has inspired us and how Dental Legacy Foundation came to be below!

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Dental Legacy Foundation

Logan doseck

The motivation for the Dental Legacy Foundation begins with an inspiring young man named Logan Doseck. At age 4, Logan was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis resulting in physiotherapy and aerosolized treatments twice daily. In 2014, Logan went into acute liver failure and shortly thereafter, a coma. His family was told to prepare to take him off life support, but Logan miraculously recovered. In 2015, Logan was given another chance at life with a much needed liver transplant.

Despite all of the physical challenges that Logan had to endure, he continued to pursue his career dreams by completing prerequisites, taking the Dental Admissions Test, and starting Dental School at Midwestern University. Sadly, during the first quarter, Logan faced additional medical challenges and passed away.  After his passing, we learned that Logan had signed a directive to be an organ donor and, in his selfless compassion and generosity, Logan has given three people new leases on life.

Logan Doseck

Michael Doseck

​Logan’s father, Michael Doseck, has been an example of selfless service throughout his life.  He has spent several years volunteering in remote villages in Tanzania, Africa, working to provide essential health care to areas of considerable need. Michael was instrumental in developing, designing and building a small health clinic in the town of Itigi, called St. Gaspar’s Precious Blood. When Michael’s son, Logan, unexpectedly passed away in 2016, he knew he wanted to dedicate one of the clinical rooms in the St. Gaspar’s clinic to his son and provide free dental care to those who need it. That’s when he approached Dr. Brad Smith for help.

Dental Legacy Foundation
Michael Doseck

Dr. Brad Smith

Dr. Brad Smith, DDS is a former Dean of the Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine. As Dean, he has had many opportunities to take large groups of students on Humanitarian trips through the University to the Kingdom of Tonga. Dr. Smith also personally knew Logan as he interviewed him for school admissions and understood how amazing this young man really was.  When Michael approached Dr. Smith about this opportunity to take dentists to Tanzania, Dr. Smith knew it was a project that he wanted to be a part of, but Dr. Smith also realized that to try to organize two different humanitarian trips would be too difficult. Luckily, through his association with Elevation Association, Dr. Smith knew that the members of this organization were eager to be able to give back. That’s when he approached Dr. Dan Nelson, Dr. Jared Hill, and Ryan Passey, co-founders of Elevation Association, about the opportunity.

Dr. Brad Smith

dr. Jared, dr. dan, & Ryan

Elevation Association was organized in 2019 as a collaborative partnership that provides guidance, tools, continuing education, and a network for dentists worldwide. They believe that a dentist should have more than just a business plan, they should have a life plan, a leadership plan, and a legacy plan.


It was at Elevation Association’s Legacy Summit that Dr. Brad Smith approached them with the idea of creating and running this humanitarian project.  The idea was eagerly adopted by all members of the association.

Jared, Dan, and Ryan founded Dental Legacy Foundation. Together, working with amazing associates and board members, like Michael and Dr. Smith, it is their mission to provide access to free dental care and oral hygiene instruction in communities where there is currently little to no access.

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Dr. Jared, Dr. Dan, & Ryan
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